Master Angler

Rules and regs

The Ontario's Master (ice) Angler tournament is one comprised of categories for every kind of legal species caught (no accidental out of season). The tournament runs from February 01st to March 30th. The basic guide lines include.


  • Fish must be At-leased 10" to qualify.

  • Anglers must include photograph of fish.

  • Anglers MUST include photograph of fish on a measurement.

  • Anglers must follow limits and restrictions as set out by the OMNRF.

  • Anglers must compete hard and vow to never give up.

  • Tournament prizes are still under review. However Bragging rights still apply!

  • It should be noted that this tournament is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  • This tournament is run only by Tourney Fishing and communicated through various social media sites.

  • Pictures submitted will be uploaded to the website. Do Not send in a picture if you are not comfortable with it being distributed to this website and other social media outlets.

  • Have fun anglers. Get Fishing!

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